About Us

Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’m the founder of ProjectInsight and ever since being at school I noticed that people, particularly young women tend to shy away from careers in STEM for fear of the unknown and so I created ProjectInsight to change that.

Our Aims

We aim to provide insight into as many STEM careers as possible so young people aren’t left guessing in the dark about their future.

We plan to do this by creating ‘Day in the Life’ videos, interviews and information pages about what it actually means to have these different careers in STEM, asking the questions that young people want answered about these different careers.

Why we’re doing this

Many young people don’t know what it is they want to do when they leave school and what is common is to veer to the side of familiarity, it’s to choose what they know rather than go for something that they don’t.

One sector that feels this quite significantly would be the STEM sector as many careers such as Engineering and Technology aren’t jobs that young people are exposed to on a regular basis so young people are less likely to chose these careers unless they are super passionate about them.

This is particularly the case for women who are statistically much less likely to take risks and will usually air on the side of caution including when choosing their careers. So I’ve created ProjectInsight as a way to provide meaningful insight into as many careers as possible.

The Future

In the future, we are hoping to have a large number of STEM career information pages available for the people that would like to use them, to inspire those who would have ordinarily counted themselves out.

More Information

If you’d like to know more about me, visit my website here or if you would like to find out more about ProjectInsight that isn’t covered here use the contact details here.

Let’s work together.